Helping women find their style identity has always been the heart of our mission in developing our products and embedded into each one of us here at J.REP 

With our network of more than 30 physical stores nationwide and centralized online store,

we strive to deliver uptodate merchandise and excellent service to help women define themselves through our products, to discover your own fashion style, to #discoveringyou


J.REP was found in 2006. During that time, our range products were from male and female casual tops to jeans. Our target market were fashion-conscious men and ladies who lead a contemporary lifestyle with the age between 20 to 30 years old.

Over the years, several changes were made to keep up with changing market demands. In 2008, J.REP did a total rebranding. This was part of our strategy to shared vision and rebuilding the company and revitalize the brands as synonym for fashion trendsetter with best services and high quality product with affordable prices. Eliminating male products and focusing on female products, we widen our target market range from 17 to 35 years old.

In every part of our company division, we strive to incorporate our philosophy: 'Discovering you' which means discovering who you are and finding the best style that make you feel good to look good. These positive values shine through at every level from designing wider range of style to defining our size in a positive word such as PETITE for SMALL size and SEXY for MEDIUM size. This further enhance our determination to demonstrate that you should feel good about your shapes and wear the style that suits you the most.

Our company distribution network extends across Indonesia, counting 31 directly managed retail stores, and selection of sale spaces in department stores. We strive to continue delivering products and services of uncompromising quality and integrity consistent with our brand and our image.